Play Panta Rei


Play now with 7 philosophical videogames, get
Play Panta Rei LITE for free on your iPhone.

If you are serious about playing with philosophy
get Play Panta Rei (full version) with 23 levels.


In PlayPantaRei, you have 23 different games:
you can play with the first Greek philosophical ideas,
with contemporary ones, and with ideas that are at the
borders between philosophy, art, and math.

It is a philosophical adventure where you play with
the best of the abstract thoughts ever conceived by the
minds of the wise people before us.

Play with philosophy, and have fun!



You can play with some MODIFIED versions of PONG
(Pong is a videogame that you move a paddle and you
have to always hit a bouncing ball without missing in
order to win against the computer).

You can immediately realize the difference with the
original Pong and, in that way, you thereby see the
philosophical idea.

The experience is spontaneous and intuitive.


In PlayPantaRei, every philosophical idea is divided into three parts:

  1. CONCEPT: the philosophical idea is summed up in a simple, short, clear, and straight forward way. You do not need to know anything about philosophy to play.
  2. GAME: the videogame where you can play with the idea.
  3. DEBRIEFING: after the game, there is a section where you can read some considerations in order to get the best out of the game experience.


If you are already versed in philosophy, you will be astonished in realizing just how important a real example is in order to “get” the philosophical idea.

If you have never read anything related to philosophy yet, it’s completely ok!
PlayPantaRei uses a system (concept, videogame, debriefing) to immediately give you everything that you need to not only understand the ideas but also to potentially be able to “use” them in real life.




These videogames always have some commons elements
(marbles, two paddles, and one background).

The exercise that you do in Play Panta Rei is about giving new meanings to the same elements, following famous and important philosophers’ advice.

This is so that when you go back to your real life, you have
more options at your disposal in order to consider and value
the elements and people you interact with every day.

>> Play Panta Rei LITE: free, 7 levels.

>> Play Panta Rei, 23 levels.

PlayPantaRei is ideated by Luca D’Angelo and created by a freelancer team.

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