Mith of the cave

CONCEPT : “Myth of the Cave” (Part 1) – Plato

In the first part of the “Myth of the Cave”, Plato speaks of the discovery of reality.

The beginning of the myth can be summarized in this manner : some men are captured and held prisoner from birth and look upon the wall of the cave in sadness.

Behind the prisoners there are men and animals walking.

A fire projects the shadows of walking men and animals onto the wall of the cave.

For the prisoners, these shadows are actually reality.

DEBRIEFING : “Myth of the Cave” (Part 1) – Plato

The dimensions of the paddles and the marble are altered, compared with the normal dimensions, and therefore, you are unable to play the game.

Someone else was doing it in reality and everything that you have seen is merely the shadow of the reality, projected onto your screen.

Like the prisoners in Plato story, you have been able to observe for a minute “the wall of the cave”.


One of the questions you may ask whilst playing, is relative to the features of the videogame which allow yourself to understand that you are playing with an illusion.

Two of the features that you may notice are:

1.Total absence of interaction : you have no control over the components of the game.
2.Difference compared with the classic videogame : the dimensions of the components of the game are different when compared with the classic videogame.

The two features described, are two of the methods that allow you to recognize the videogame as an illusion.

The most important thing, is the method that you use to understand that the videogame is not real. You deduce and discover this method, by playing the videogame.

In other words, what you discover is the method that you use to distinguish illusion from reality.

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