The medium is the message

CONCEPT: “The medium is the message”- McLuhan

“The medium is the message” is one of the main, most famous ideas of McLuhan

McLuhan affirms that, when you analyze a medium (television, radio….), you don’t have to focus on the message it carries (type of movie, type of radio programs). Instead, you have to focus on the medium itself.

It is the medium itself that influences users and shapes their minds.


It’s not important if the television transmits a football game, movie, or documentary. The real message, the real influence, is in the television itself that – in McLuhan’s opinion – “comforts” and “reassures” the people who watch it.

You can now play with a tiny television, in which you should now understand its real messages, regardless of the messages inside it.

DEBRIEFING: “The medium is the message”- McLuhan

You just completed the exercise described by McLuhan to mean “when you are outside of a structure, you can analyze it better and understand its powerful forces”.

It’s not the right choice to analyze the tiny television as a medium that transmits messages.

Regardless of the messages inside the tiny television, it still has the same function as the ball that you played within the previous games.
In this game, what is the real message of the television?

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