The vertigo of freedom

CONCEPT : “The vertigo of freedom” – Kierkegaard.

The importance of individual choices is a central thesis in the thoughts and concepts of Kierkegaard.

According to the philosopher, when a man realizes the infinite possibility of choices he has, he experiments with “The vertigo of freedom” which leads to a sense of anguish, because man feels lost and overwhelmed before the infinite possibilities he faces.

DEBRIEFING : “The vertigo of freedom” – Kierkegaard.

The videogame constructs a situation in which you are “free” (within the limits of the game).

When you play you realize that you can move “your” paddle freely vertically and horizontally.

It is also possible for you control the paddle that is usually controlled by the computer.

In this way the classical rule (Yourself vs. Computer) loses significance and you choose how to play, with complete freedom


The first conclusion is relevant to the necessity to define freedom using a reference, or comparison with another experience. In other words, you can appreciate the videogame as being “free”, because you have a greater possibility of movement compared with the classic game.

The second consideration is more personal, and is relevant to your behaviour in the minutes that you are playing.

Normally the aim of the game is to try and win by directing the marble towards the opponent (a fun and challenging objective).

In this game though, it is evident after a few seconds, that the objective no longer makes sense, because there is no longer an opponent.

In this case, you either choose not to play, or to play with new rules.

For example , you are able to set yourself the objective of keeping the marble between both paddles, so as to make it remain in the game for as long as possible.

Or, you may challenge someone else to move one of the two paddle, and play against you.

Talking about freedom theoretically is extremely complex, while if you try freedom in a real example (In this case a videogame created deliberately then in a short amount of time you will be able to establish real considerations on your relationship with freedom and on the thought processes which allow you to recognize it.

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